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Australia, France, Germany: Speed Cameras Opposed, Burned
Vigilantes last week demonstrated opposition to photo radar in Australia and Germany while opponents in France burned and blinded cameras.

Scorched French camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Vigilantes in Charbogne, France, torched the speed camera on the RD987 on Sunday. In Tournon the previous day, the speed camera on the RD1090 was also destroyed by fire. On Tuesday, orange paint was applied to the front of the speed cmaera on the RD958 in Mortree. On Monday, April 28, the speed camera on the RN2 in Laon and the automated ticketing machine on the RD1044 in Juvincourt-et-Damary were set on fire within twenty minutes of one another.

In New South Wales, Australia, opponents of automated ticketing machines on Tuesday set up homemade warning signs 100 yards from a speed camera trap in Wagga Wagga. With enough warning, motorists had a chance to slow down and avoid receiving a ticket in the mail. In Diera-Zehren, Germany, motorists struck back against local photo radar enthusiast Helmut Richter, who installed a fake speed camera in front of his house, by hurling eggs and bottles at his front door.

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