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Speed Cameras Slammed Worldwide
Attacks on speed cameras took place last week in New York, Australia, France, Italy, Kenya and the UK.

Smashed Italian speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Queensland, Australia, a 40-year-old riding an e-scooter rammed a police officer who was using a handheld speed camera on Dorsal Drive on Tuesday. The scooter rider was attempting to avoid the senior constable who was knocked to the ground while attempting to catch the rider who was accused by the device of traveling at 45km/h (28 MPH). The officer suffered minor road rash on his elbow and the man was later identified and charged with assault, according to the Queensland Police Service. A similar incident took place one day earlier in Mombasa, Kenya. Officer Phiona Mutua Ndanu was running a speed trap on Sheikh Abdalla Farsy Road when tried to stop a moving car and was struck and injured. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

A bicycle-riding vigilante blasted the red light camera at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard in Queens, New York, on Tuesday. The man used a pair of handguns to fire sixteen shots at the automated ticketing machine before riding away.

On Sunday, vigilantes in La Roche-Jaudy, France, torched the speed camera on the RD6. The device had only been installed a week ago. On the previous day, vigilantes in Joue-les-Tours blinded the speed camera on the RD37 with red spraypaint. On Friday, spraypaint was used to disable five speed cameras in the Deux-Sevres department. At the beginning of last week, the speed camera on the CD945 in Mazerolles was disabled with black paint.

In Monte di Malo, Italy, a speed camera failed to prevent a collision on the Via Boro. After being struck by a silver sedan, a red work van crashed directly into the orange "Velo OK" speed camera. In Somerset, England, motorist Ed Evans thwarted the speed camera van on the A38 by parking in front of it and blocking the camera's view of the road.

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