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Speed Cameras in Delaware, France, Germany, Italy Assaulted
Two freeway speed cameras in Delaware and over a dozen European speed cameras last week were spraypainted, cut down or burned.

Burned French photo radar
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
In Wilmington, Delaware, vigilantes destroyed a pair of speed cameras on Interstate 95 on Monday, January 17. The freshly deployed freeway cameras were taken out of action a few hours before they were scheduled to issue their first automated tickets.

Vigilantes in Le Russey, France, on Sunday blinded the speed camera on the RD437 with red spraypaint, marking the sixth time the device has been disabled. In Les Mazures on Friday, opponents of automated ticketing used an angle grinder to cut down the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD988. The fallen device was then set on fire. Before that, orange paint was used to disable the speed camera in Labergement-les-Seurre on the RD975. On Tuesday, the photo radar device on the RD977 in Les Loges-Marchis was blinded with black spraypaint. On Monday, January 17, pink was the color of choice used to thwart the automated ticketing machines monitoring both directions of travel on the RD83 in Rouffach. On Sunday, January 16, the speed camera on the RD673 in La Barre was torched. On the Caribbean island of Martinique, vigilantes in Les Trois-Ilets on Wednesday cut down the turret speed camera on the RD7 and set the device on fire.

In Lugo, Italy, vigilantes on Wednesday cut down the pole-mounted speed camera that had been issuing automated citations on the Via Sant'Andrea. In Lucca, three "Velo OK" brand speed cameras were blinded with black spraypaint. The devices had been issuing tickets on the Via Sant'Anna, Viale San Concordio and Viale Carlo del Prete.

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