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Speed Cameras Trigger Accidents In France, Vigilantes Respond
Speed cameras attacked in France, UK last week. Automated ticketing machines cause two accidents.

Rear-ended French speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
A speed camera triggered a multicar pileup in Aubigny-en-Artois, France, on Thursday. A bit before 9am, a driver on the RD939 responded to the speed camera on the side of the road by slamming on the brakes in the hopes of avoiding an automated ticket. Instead, this kicked off a chain reaction collision involving three cars, with the driver of the car in the middle being taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries. A similar incident a few days earlier on Monday involved six cars in Carpiquet colliding near the speed camera on the RN13. Both incidents caused traffic jams.

On Sunday, vigilantes in Til-Chatel, France, used white spraypaint to disable the speed camera on the RD974. On Friday, the speed camera on the RD1006 was partially damaged by a fire set with a used tire and gasoline. The speed camera on the RN141 in Lavigerie that had just been installed a week ago was disabled on Wednesday with the application of bright orange spraypaint to its lens. On Tuesday, a vigilante in Morey-Saint-Denis spraypainted the speed camera on the RD974. Police happened to be nearby and arrested a suspect.

In Oxfordshire, England, vigilantes on Thursday damaged a speed camera by setting it on fire.

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