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France, UK: Speed Cameras Thwarted With Paint, Fire And Stubbornness
A UK man refused to back down when a ranting speed camera driver orders him to move, and a handful of French cameras were disabled last week.

Ranting speed camera van driver
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
In Wallasey, England, a vigilante on Thursday annoyed the driver of a police speed camera van by parking behind the automated ticketing machine and preventing it from photographing motorists on the A554 in New Brighton. The foul-mouthed police employee was filmed ranting at the man who had legally parked his car. Merseyside Police on Twitter announced they would look into what happened.

"This incident was referred to our Professional Standards department who will investigate," the department's Twitter account stated. "We know the public have high expectations of everyone employed by the force and we expect all officers and staff to behave with professionalism and respect."

Vigilantes in Denney, France, wasted no time Sunday disabling the speed camera located on the RD83 with white spraypaint. The device had just been installed three days earlier. On Saturday, vigilantes in Rennes-sur-Loue spraypainted the speed camera on the RN83 along with the bright orange message, "merci qui?", which is a way of saying "you're welcome." On Thursday, vigilantes in Roanne used black spraypaint to blind the speed camera on the RD504. The camera also displayed graffiti stating "LREM = Nazi." LREM (La Republique en Marche) is the political party of President Emmanuel Macron. In Hennebont, fluorescent green spraypaint blinded the speed camera on the RD781 on October 11. In La Chapelle-en-Serval, the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD1017 was cut down and set on fire last week. One of the most attacked speed cameras in France, located on the RD1029 in Proyart, was disabled for the 27th time with black spraypaint.

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