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Anti-Camera Activity Steps Up During Protests In France
A Canadian speed camera is flattened by a motorist while anti-camera vigilantes in France stepped up attacks during anti-government protests.

Speed camera rammed in Winnipeg
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Thousands took to the streets across France over the weekend to protest new measures President Emmanuel Macron has imposed in response to the virus scare. Vigilantes opposed to the use of automated ticketing took this opportunity to redouble the actions they have been taking against the government's speed cameras.

In Cabariot, vigilantes on Saturday burned the speed camera, which was the fourth attack on the device in the past 18 months. On Friday, the speed camera on the RD974 near Corgoloin was blinded with spraypaint ten days after installation. On Thursday, the speed camera on the RD6089 in Saint-Medard-de-Mussidan was blinded with spraypaint less than a day after being installed. Around the same time, the speed camera on the RD999 in St-Julien-de-la-Nef was painted orange. On Wednesday, vigilantes blinded the speed camera on the A21 with white spraypaint. On Tuesday, the speed camera on the RD973 near Beaune was dragged into a ditch on the side of the road. The 1.2 ton device had just been placed at the location three weeks earlier. Around the same time, an angle grinder cut down the speed camera in Liouc, marking the twentieth automated ticekting machine taken out in the Gard department so far this year. In Saint-Die-des-Vosges, Yellow Vest vigilantes used white spraypaint to thwart the speed camera on the RN59, signing the device with the initials GJ, which stand for Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest). Black spraypaint was the color of choice used to defeat the speed camera on the A21 in Lorient. The speed camera in Wintzenheim on the RD417 burned on July 18. Vigilantes wrote on the road near the camera, "A bas la dictature" (down with the dictatorship).

In Winnipeg, Canada, a woman driving a white Buick Allure on July 16 rammed the speed camera located near the intersection of Cockburn Street and Jubilee Avenue. Her car toppled the device, dragging it into the middle of the street where it was left as she drove away.

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