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Spraypaint And Explosives Thwart European Speed Cameras
Vigilantes took out a half-dozen speed cameras in France, Germany and The Netherlands last week. A speed camera in Saudi Arabia was rammed.

Dutch speed camera blown up
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
Vigilantes in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, on Wednesday used an explosive device to blow up the speed camera that had been issuing tickets on the John F. Kennedylaan. This had been the region's most profitable camera. In Koenigswinter, Germany, vigilantes on Tuesday used spraypaint to blind the speed camera on Landstrasse 331, according to local police. The driver of a white pickup truck last week filmed himself ramming a "saher" speed camera in Saudi Arabia.

Vigilantes near Breteniere, France, on Sunday used orange spraypaint to blind the speed camera less than a week after the device had been installed on the RD968. In Coudekerque-Branche, pink paint was used on Tuesday to blind the speed camera on the A16.

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