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Smashed Speed Cameras in France, Germany, Spain
Vigilantes last week smashed German speed cameras, spraypainted a Spanish device and burned a French machine.

Burned French speed camera
A vigilante in Eisenhuttenstadt, Germany, on Tuesday pelted the speed camera van on Berliner Strasse with two fist-sized rocks before hopping over a fence and getting away without leaving any clues to his identity behind. According to police, 3500 euros (US $4250) in damage was done. On May 30, two men in Angermunde smashed the speed camera near Berliner Tor with a baseball bat. Police have no idea who might be responsible.

French vigilantes on Tuesday set fire to the speed camera on the RD911 in Condezaygues, destroying the device. Vigilantes in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, disabled the speed camera on the Avenida de Naciones Unidas in the Zabalgana neighborhood on May 28 with blue spraypaint.

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