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France, Italy: Yet More Speed Cameras Sprayed And Scorched
More than a dozen speed cameras were disabled or destroyed in France and Italy last week.

Milly-la-Foret speed camera
On Wednesday, the speed camera on the RD837 in Milly-la-Foret was destroyed by fire just hours after it had been installed. Around the same time, six speed cameras on the RN31 between Soissons and Fismes were blinded with "non essential" stickers that vigilantes had placed across the devices' lenses. On Tuesday, the speed camera on the RD20 in Saint-Vulbas was blinded with black spraypaint and then set on fire. One of the most attacked speed cameras in France was once again blinded with spraypaint -- the latest attack on the automated ticketing machine on the RD1029 in Proyart marks the twenty-third time it has been sidelined in three years. On March 1, the speed camera on the RD949 in Talmont-Saint-Hilaire had its lenses covered with black spraypaint. Another speed camera on the Caribbean island of Martinique fell and was torched on the A1 near Le Lamentin on February 28.

Vigilantes in Pescara, Italy, on Tuesday destroyed the freshly installed speed camera on the SS5 by blasting it with a shotgun.

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