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Worldwide Speed Camera Attacks Continue
Vigilantes eliminated well over a dozen automated ticketing machines in Saudi Arabia, France, Italy and Germany last week.

Toppled French speed camera
In Milan, Italy, the guerrilla artist who goes by the name Biancoshock turned a speed camera into a public art exhibit by placing a thermometer inside the empty housing, turning it into a pandemic "health checkpoint" instead of a speed checkpoint.

A lone vigilante has disabled a dozen speed cameras across Kassel, Germany, according to an announcement Wednesday from Polizeipraesidium Nordhessen. Each of the automated ticketing machines was blinded with a different color spraypaint. One of the devices on the A44 was painted twice, while the eleven other cameras were located on secondary roads in Bad Emstal-Balhorn, Lohfelden, Fuldabruck-Dornhagen, Edermunde-Grifte, Spangenberg, Spangenberg-Schnellrode, Melsungen, Gudensberg-Dissen, Waldeck-Freienhagen as well as on the B7 and L3460. Police have accused a man of one of the attacks.

Vigilantes in Saudi Arabia on Saturday torched the speed camera located on Belghazi Road headed toward Bani Malik.

In France on Thursday, a speed camera in Limay and another on the RD113 in Flins-sur-Seine were prevented from issuing automated tickets by a coat of black spraypaint and the bright yellow initials "GJ" which refers to Gilets Jaunes, or Yellow Vests. Police in Yvelines have no idea who might be responsible. Around the same time, a pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD918 in Louhossoa was pulled down by a chain tied to a powerful truck. On February 1, the turret speed camera on the Avenue de la Liberation in Amberieu-en-Bugey was torched. Attacks in Guadeloupe, an archipelago in the Caribbean, continued Saturday with the turret speed camera on the RN5 in Morne-a-l'Eau being cut down and torched less than 24 hours after it had been installed.

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