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Bombs Used On Italian And French Speed Cameras
Small explosive devices were used against automated ticketing machines in Europe last week.

French speed camera burned
In Collegno, Italy, on Friday, vigilantes toppled the pole-mounted speed ​​camera that had been issuing tickets on the Viale Certosa. Also on Friday, a small explosive device was used to damage the speed camera on the Via Tolemaide in Rimini.

The same fate befell a mobile photo radar trap in Alencon, France, on Thursday. A man allegedly tossed a "large firecracker" at the device and was chased by police. In Fillinges, the speed camera on the RD907 was blinded by bright yellow spraypaint that included a happy face at the top. On Tuesday, the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RN94 in La Rochette was destroyed by being set on fire. The device had just been similarly attacked a month ago.

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