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France: Paint And Fire Disables Speed Cameras
Eight French speed cameras were burned or otherwise disabled last week.

Minihy France speed camera
On Saturday, vigilantes in Volnay, France, torched the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera that had been installed just two weeks ago on the RD974. Before that, vigilantes had been unusually active on Monday, October 19. Four pole-mounted "turret" speed cameras were cut down and set on fire on the Caribbean island of Martinique. The devices had just been installed at Ducos, Le Lamentin and near the airport but they had yet to issue their first automated ticket. On the same day, the speed camera on the RD999 in Bellegarde-Marsal was pried open and the camera equipment inside removed. In Ambleny, the turret speed camera on the RN31 was cut down and left on the side of the road. In Minihy-Treguier, the speed camera on the RD786 was set on fire and destroyed.

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