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France, Italy: Speed Cameras Knocked Out
Italian speed camera fails to prevent an accident while vigilantes take out a handful of photo radar devices in France.

Audi crashes into speed camera
A speed camera in Pontinia, Italy, was struck after it failed to prevent an accident on Wednesday. A 23-year-old who was drunk and unlicensed was joyriding in a stolen Audi A4 on the SS148 when he lost control and smashed into the automated ticketing machine, according to the state police. In Rimini, vigilantes toppled the speed camera on the Via Ambrosoli.

Vigilantes went to work on Saturday in one French territory. Nothing remained but the burned out, toppled husk of the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera that had been operating in Le Gosier on Guadeloupe, an archipelago in the Caribbean. Back on the continent, the speed camera on the outer ring road in Reze, France, was obliterated with a burning tire placed at its base on Tuesday. One day before that, the frequently attacked speed camera on the RD1017 in Eterpigny was blinded after vigilantes covered its lenses with duct tape. On June 29, vigilantes had also torched the speed camera on the RD607 in Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry.

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