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France, Germany, UK: Speed Camera Attacks Return
As virus scare lockdown eases in Europe, attacks on speed cameras begin to return to normal levels.

French camera burning
Attacks on automated ticketing machines in Europe slowly began to normal to levels last week. In France, the virus scare lockdowns eased on May 11, as the government allowed motorists to resume normal journeys by car, as long as they did not travel more than 62 miles from home. Journeys beyond that geographic limit required a government form declaring the trip essential.

French vigilantes got to work Sunday by taking out a trio of pole-mounted "turret" speed cameras. In Vic-la-Gardiole, they destroyed the camera on the RD612 by setting it on fire. Then they cut down and torched the automated ticketing machine on the N1019 in Bourogne. In Chabrillan, the speed camera on the RD104 was set ablaze. On Wednesday, the speed camera on the RN102 in Aubignas was chopped down and set on fire. In Vaunaveys-la-Rochette, the turret speed camera on the RD538 was destroyed by fire on May 9.

On Wednesday, police in Lincolnshire, England, claimed an unknown man coughed near the driver of a speed camera vehicle that was issuing tickets on Lincoln Road in Sleaford. According to police, the man was driving a Ford Transit van.

"Part of the van's registration plate was captured by our cameras and officers are investigating," the department explained in a statement.

In Rudersdorf, Germany, vigilantes torched the speed camera on the A10 on May 10, according to police.

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