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France: Lockdown Profit Replaces Lost Speed Camera Cash
The French government turns virus crisis into a source of profit with tickets for non-essential travel.

French police stop
French police are generating millions by stopping residents and fining them for "non essential" travel. The government dishes out a 135 euro (US $145) ticket for the first time a motorist is stopped while driving without papers that document a purpose that the government deems to be important. This rises to 200 euros (US $216) on the second alleged offense and jumps to 3750 euros (US $4050) on the fourth citation within thirty days.

The restrictions were imposed on March 23, and since then the Interior Ministry has reported 26,000 tickets issued daily, for a net profit of 3.5 million euros (US $3.8 million). The experts at calculate the daily income from speed cameras before the crisis had been 2.4 million euros (US $2.6 million). While fixed speed cameras will continue to produce tickets, French police ordered a halt to deployment of mobile speed cameras since the devices require personnel to set up and monitor operations.

Meanwhile, since Wednesday, vigilantes have set fire to three speed cameras in Le Lamentin and Ducos on the Caribbean island of Martinique. The most recent attack torched the camera on the RN1 in La Trinite. Back on the continent, vigilantes on Saturday set fire to the speed camera on the CD 786 in Paimpol, France. Police driving by the incident chased, but did not catch, the individuals responsible. In Auterive, the turret-style speed camera on the RD820 was cut down and set on fire last week.

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