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DC, France, Malta: Automated Ticketing Machines Downed
Accidents and vigilante action took out speed cameras in Washington DC, France and Malta last week.

DC red light camera
Vigilantes in Washington, DC, knocked over the red light camera that had been issuing automated tickets at the intersection of North Capitol Street and Missouri Avenue on December 29.

In Malta, the private company installing a speed camera in Birkirkara with a large crane on December 30 dropped the automated ticketing machine. The device tumbled head first into the bed of a pickup truck and then tumbled into the street. According to, the Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA), the government body responsible for collecting fines, insisted that the accuracy of the device was not affected by being dropped. Although the first incident was an accident, the same automated ticketing machine was deliberately knocked over on Thursday after its installation.

Vigilantes in Argentan, France torched the speed camera on the Rue des Petits-Fosses on Sunday. On Thursday, yellow paint was used to blind the speed camera located on the RN31 in Prouilly. On New Year's Day, the recently installed speed camera on the RD952 near Ouzouer-sur-Loire was completely destroyed by fire. On December 29, the newly installed turret speed camera on the RD112 in Lavaur was cut down and set on fire.

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