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Australia, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Sliced
Speed cameras across the world were burned, rammed and blown up last week.

Rammed speed camera
On Sunday, vigilantes in Plemet, France, toppled one of the next-generation turret speed cameras that officials installed on the RN164 in the hopes that the pole-mounted device would be invulnerable to attack. Opponents of automated ticketing have proved up to the challenge of taking out the new machines. Vigilantes on Thursday chopped down the turret speed camera on the RD820 in Peaugres and set it ablaze with gasoline-soaked tires. On Tuesday, the speed camera in Plouigneau was torched. On December 9, the camera on the RD673 in Chemin was blinded with green spraypaint. On December 8, a newly installed speed camera in Tavaux on the RD683 was set on fire.

Vigilantes in Guadeloupe, an archipelago in the Caribbean, took out three speed cameras last week. On Friday, the turret speed camera on La Route de la Rose in Goyave was set on fire along with another automated ticketing machine in Sainte-Marie. On Wednesday, a turret speed camera installed on the D118 in Saint-Francois was cut down and burned less than twenty-four hours after it had been installed.

In Bassano, Italy, vigilantes on Friday used a small explosive device to blow up the speed camera on the Via Colombo. An Australian motorist upset with the use of automated ticketing machines in Ipswich, Queensland, began ramming a mobile highway speed camera multiple times as onlookers watched.

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