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France, Latvia, Russia: Speed Cameras Burned, Painted
Opponents of automated enforcement in France, Latvia and Russia set several speed cameras on fire last week.

Latvia camera burning
In Riga, Latvia, vigilantes on November 18 used old tires and a log to torch the speed camera on Brivibas Iela, the main street running through the city center. In Russia, vigilantes painted the side of a small building with a massive and colorful warning about a speed camera about 500 yards ahead of the automated speed trap on the Kaliningrad-Yantarny highway near Morozovka.

In Maxeville, France, on Saturday, vigilantes set fire to one of the nation's most profitable speed cameras located on the A31. Around the same time in Narbonne the speed camera near the Chateau Capitoul winery had its lenses smashed. On the island of Reunion, just off the coast of Madagascar, vigilates on Friday prevented the speed camera on Boulevard Lancastel from issuing tickets by wrapping it with a bright yellow vest. On Tuesday, burning tires scorched the speed camera in Abrest. On Wednesday, the speed camera in Bainville-aux-Saules was set on fire. On November 17, the turret speed camera on the RD951 in Gajoubert was set on fire along with the speed cameras that were burned on the D612 in Vic-la-Gardiole and on the D2 near Balaruc-les-Bains.

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