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Australia, France, UK: Speed Cameras In Flames
As the November 17 anniversary of the Yellow Vest movement in France approaches, speed camera attacks are on the rise.

Torched French speed camera
Vigilantes in France stepped up their campaign against automated ticketing machines last week in advance of the Yellow Vest protest movement's one-year anniversary. Several French departments reported photo radar units had been destroyed by fire. In the department of Sarthe, the freshly installed speed camera on the Boulevard General Patton in Le Mans was cut down and set ablaze on Thursday. A few hours later, the automated ticketing machine on the D338 in Marigne-Laille was torched. In the Oise department, the damage tally included the camera on the D934 in Beaurains-les-Noyon. In Beauvoir, the speed camera installed on Wednesday on the D916 became charred wreckage by Thursday. In the Val d'Oise department, the speed camera on the D14 in Saint-Gervais went up in flames on Wednesday. In the Morbihan department, vigilantes on October 21 felled the turret speed camera in Caudan and set the remains on fire. On October 19, the speed camera on the D978 in Epervans was covered in straw and then set on fire. Ordinary black spraypaint was used to blind a mobile speed camera in Saint Lo on Thursday. The message "Gilet Jaune 13/12" was added to the device.

In Stanground, England, vigilantes used a burning tire to destroy the speed camera located at the intersection of Sydney Road and Whittlesey Road on October 21.

In Coomera, South Australia, vigilantes used white spraypaint to disable a speed camera on the M1. In Thornlie, West Australia, a 39-year-old man rammed his white Ford Courier ute into a speed camera car on Discovery Drive. He faced charges in Perth Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

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