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France, Italy: More Speed Cameras Offline
France steps up surveillance of speed cameras to prevent destruction, but the devices there and in Italy continue to be disabled.

Speed camera set on fire in Motopoli, Italy
Police in France have stepped up surveillance of the network of automated ticketing machines. After losing an estimated $400 million in revenue at the peak of the Yellow Vest movement protests, officials have begun making examples of a handful of vigilantes allegedly caught in the act. On Friday, blue and white spraypaint blinded the speed camera in Firmi. Police detained three men who were near the camera when the device was disabled. The same thing happened on the RD67 in Cult, as a man was trying to knock over the speed camera with his car. In the past, police rarely found the individuals with speed camera destruction.

On Thursday, the speed camera on the D9 in Cheux was destroyed by fire. On Tuesday, the speed camera on the D23 in Roeze-sur-Sarthe was torched.

In Nuvolera, Italy, vigilantes on Wednesday disabled the speed camera on the SS45bis. On Tuesday, a permanent marker was used to blind a speed camera in San Giovanni that had just been installed the day before. Also on Tuesday, the speed camera on the ring road in Montopoli outside Pisa was set ablaze.

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