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France, Italy: Speed Cameras Charred, Junked
Vigilantes across France continue destroying speed cameras while an automated ticketing machine in Italy causes a massive freeway crash.

French speed camera charred
In Biancavilla, Italy, a speed camera caused a massive rear-end collision on the SS284 highway last week. Motorists approaching the automated ticketing machine slammed on the brakes to avoid getting a citation in the mail, and this caused a chain of rear-enders that ended up creating a traffic jam in both directions of travel.

On Sunday, vigilantes in Cult, France, cut down the tamper-resistant Mesta Fusion 2 "turret" speed camera on the D67 and then set the device on fire. In Hennebont, the speed camera on the D781 had its lenses covered with a thick coat of black paint. On Friday, a pair of speed cameras on the RN90 in Albertville were destroyed by fire. That day, the "turret" style speed camera on the RD44 in Goven was torched. Police have accused two individuals of being involved, but punishment could be light. Three Yellow Vest protestors accused of an earlier camera burning incident were given suspended sentences and a fine of 300 euros (US $335) each last week by the Criminal Court in Marseille. On Friday, the photo radar device on the D927 in Cormainville was blinded with brown paint. In Vire, the speed camera on the RD674 was blinded with black spraypaint on Wednesday. Around the same time, the photo radar unit on the RN145 in Saint-Maurice-la-Souterrain was set ablaze. The same fate befell the speed camera on the RN10 in Cloyes-les-Trois-Rivieres.

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