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Argentina, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Tipped, Shot, Torched
Speed cameras in South America and Europe were destroyed using a number of different tactics last week.

Gunfire blasted speed camera
In Crevacuore, Italy, vigilantes last week knocked over a "Velo OK" brand speed camera. In Pilar, Argentina, unidentified individuals shot the speed camera located at the intersection of Route 28 and Calle Las Truchas seven times.

On Saturday, the Mesta Fusion 2 "turret" speed camera on the RD928 in Montech, France, was cut down and set on fire. French officials expected this new style of photo radar unit to be resistant from attack because it is mounted atop a twenty-foot pole. Another turret radar was toppled and torched on the D178 in Domalain on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, the speed camera on the D913 in Ceintrey was destroyed with burning tires.

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