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France, Italy: Speed Cameras Shot, Blinded, Burned
Multiple speed cameras were shot, blinded or burned last week in France and Italy.

Blinded French turret camera
On Sunday, the speed camera on the RD112 near Laneuveville-devant-Nancy was set on fire, as was the photo radar unit on the A36 in Montbeliard. In Queven, the speed camera on the RN165 through Kerdual was painted red -- the ninth time this automated ticketing machine has been knocked out of commission. On Friday, the speed camera on the RD6 in Lannebert was destroyed by fire. Also on Friday, the speed camera on the D985 in Gue-d'Hossus was torched. In Kervignac, orange spraypaint blinded the speed camera on the D781.

Officials were expecting the new "turret" speed cameras mounted on twelve-foot poles would be impervious to attack, but vigilantes have continued taking them out of service. In Vazeille-Limandre, the two-month-old turret radar on the RN102 was blasted by rifle fire on Tuesday, August 27. In Bouvron, the conventional roadside speed camera on the RN171 was destroyed by fire. In Bordes, the turret radar on the RD938 was blinded with white spraypaint.

After being recently re-installed, the speed camera on the RD48 in Conflans-sur-Seine was blinded with black spraypaint on August 25. White paint was the choice for the speed camera in Boulazac on August 22.

In Ponte, Italy, on Wednesday, a large tour bus rammed the speed camera positioned right outside the town hall.

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