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France: Attacks On Speed Cameras Keep Pace With Replacements
French officials struggle to replace damaged speed cameras as vigilantes continue to destroy them.

Toppled speed camera
French officials are struggling to keep up with vigilantes who have continued to destroy speed cameras more quickly than they can be replaced in several key areas. According to RTL Radio, the government has been able to restore automated ticketing on major highways, but secondary roads remain flash-free in several departments. In Ain, for example, only 3 out of 27 speed cameras are functional. Similar figures hold in Landes, Finistere and Pas-de-Calais.

Vigilantes kept up the pressure last week. On Saturday, they torched the speed camera on the RD347 in Chouppes. In Conflans-sur-Seine, the automated ticketing machine on the RD48 was flipped over on its side, tossed into a ditch and set on fire. In Conches-en-Ouche, the next-generation photo radar device on the RD840 was burned. Vigilantes last week burned a pair of speed cameras near Falaise on the RD511 and on the RD158. On August 2, the speed camera on the RD979 in Saint-Victour was smashed. Just two days prior, it had been blinded with black paint.

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