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France, Italy, UK: Unbeatable Speed Cameras Beaten
French speed camera meant to resist attacks are easily destroyed. Other photo radar were devices taken out in England and Italy last week.

Felled French speed camera
French officials last year decided to begin mounting photo radar devices on tall poles after losing so many from vigilante action during the Yellow Vest protests. The Mesta Fusion brand speed camera was chosen because it promised to be far more resistant to attack. As the experts at Radars-Auto noted, the new devices are being knocked out just as frequently as the old style of camera. On July 13, the camera in Jouy-en-Pithiverais was bent away from the road. On July 10, the camera in Vouziers was knocked over and then set on fire.

On Sunday, vigilantes in Dracy-Saint-Loup, France, covered the lens of the old-fashioned speed camera with bright green paint. On Thursday, the speed camera on the RN42 near La Capelle was blinded with fluorescent yellow spraypaint. Around the same time, tires and gasoline were used to torch the speed camera in Penguily. On Wednesday, the newly installed photo radar device on the A34 in Yvernaumont was destroyed by fire. On Tuesday, vigilantes covered the speed camera on La Rue du Port Naveix in Limoges with a blue recycling trash can. On July 14, the speed camera in Vitre was destroyed by fire. It had just been replaced after having been torched on June 10.

Vigilantes in Honley, England, used a burning tire to destroy the speed camera on Huddersfield Road on July 15.

A speed camera in Longarone, Italy, caused an injury accident on July 14. According to Corriere delle Alpi, German motorcyclist Lange Theodor Rolf was riding his Triumph on the SP251 when he spotted a speed camera trap. He locked up his brakes in an attempt to avoid being ticketed, causing him to lose control and crash.

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