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Ecuador, France, Germany, Russia: Speed Cameras Scrapped
Speed cameras around the world were burned, blinded and bashed last week.

Russian speed camera rammed
In Odintsovo, Russia, a speed camera was destroyed last week after it was rammed at high speed by a silver minivan. The vehicle barely slowed as the automated ticketing machine's parts flew in multiple directions.

In Azuay, Ecuador, vigilantes have succeeded in destroying sixteen speed cameras over the past two years. Two devices on the Carrera Panamericana were disabled on Tuesday by removing the solar panels used to power the radar.

On Saturday, vigilantes in Kerpen, Germany, set fire to the automated ticketing machine on Landesstrasse 361. According to Rhein-Erft-Kreis police, the device was pried open and gasoline was poured inside to fuel the blaze.

In Lorient, France, one of the most attacked speed cameras was once again taken out of service last week. The device was blinded by being wrapped with thick yellow and black tape. This is the fifth time vigilantes have blinded this camera in the past year.

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