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France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Tipped And Sprayed
Vigilantes in France, Germany and Italy used spraypaint and leverage to take speed cameras out of service.

Udine, Italy speed camera
In Udine, Italy, vigilantes tipped the newly installed, bright orange "Velo OK" brand speed camera so that it is no longer at the proper angle for issuing tickets on the Via Bariglaria. On Saturday, they followed up by covering the nearby photo radar device on the Via Buttrio with black spraypaint.

Vigilantes in La Cadiere-et-Cambo, France, set fire to a speed camera on Saturday, Midi Libre reported. In Isere, 20 of the department's 45 automated ticketing machines remain out of service, according to France 3. On April 19, vigilantes in Plauen, Germany, used fluorescent spraypaint to blind the speed camera on Pausaer Strasse, local police announced.

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