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France, Italy, UK: New Record For Speed Camera Destruction
An unprecedented 200 speed cameras attacked in France as the yellow vest protest continued last week. A few cameras attacked in UK and Italy.

Yellow vest protest
Widespread protest against the anti-motorist policies of French president Emmanuel Macron continued last week. While the action peaked on the previous weekend with an estimated 300,000 participants, a smaller number of activists clad in yellow vests blocked roads with signs complaining about the new "anti-global warming" tax on fuel and the lowering of speed limits nationwide. Several big rig trucks participated, blocking toll roads to deprive the state of revenue. During the protests, around 200 speed cameras were disabled or destroyed by the count of Radars Auto. For instance, only 11 out of 30 speed cameras in the Haute-Loire department were functional on Monday, Le Progres reported. The attacks will cut into the 1.2 billion euros (US $1.4 billion) in photo ticketing profit that the government has budgeted for 2019.

One of the protesters appeared in a YouTube video with 300,000 views to urge a change in focus. He said blocking roads pits motorists against other motorists, and, instead, it makes far more sense to use the yellow vests to block speed cameras "to prevent the state from making money" (view video in French). The message resonated. In Macon, a yellow vest marked "Macron" was taped over the lens of the speed camera on the RD906, along with two other cameras in the area by the count of Le Journal de Saone et Loire. On Friday, a yellow vest covered the D770 speed camera in Dirinon, Le Telegramme reported. On Saturday, the camera on the A16 in Grande-Synthe was wrapped in yellow vests, according to Le Phare Dunkerquois.

A pair of speed cameras on the RD933 in Bavinchove were spraypainted blue last week Monday with the message "Stop Taxes" (in English) painted on the pavement in front of the automated ticketing machine, L'Indicateur des Flandres observed. Pink paint was used on the RD562 in Clecy last week Sunday, L'Orne Combattante noted. Around the same time, a camera on the RN57 in Pontarlier was painted pink and the other was ripped out of the ground, according to L'Est Republicain. L'Orne Combattante found the speed camera in was covered in cardboard and yellow paint. All four of the speed cameras on the RN134 in Haut-de-Gan, Buziet, Ogeu and Herrere were painted red, La Republique des Pyrenees explained. Green paint was used on the RN7 camera in Saint-Forgeux-Lespinasse, according to Le Progres.

L'Echo Republicain counted ten cameras taken out over the past week near Chartres, including the burning of the RN154 camera in Poisvilliers, the blue spraypaint on the RD921 camera in Fontenay-sur-Eure, orange paint on the RN154 camera in Gellainville, yellow paint on the two Chartainvilliers cameras on the RD906, and the black trashbag added to the RD923 camera in Saint-Luperce. Cameras in Gue-de-Longroi, Leves, Mainvilliers were also bagged.

On Sunday, the automated ticketing machine on the RN57 in Saint-Nabord was destroyed by fire, Vosges Matin reported. So too was the camera on the D932 in Bassussary, where the flames were fueled by wooden pallets, according to France Bleu. On Saturday, the speed camera on the RD119 in Carcassonne went up in flames, L'Independant observed. On Friday, the RN20 camera in Unac was torched, La Depeche noted. The same happened to the camera in Montilly-sur-Noireau, according to L'Orne Combattante. The camera on the D939 in Aubigny-en-Artois was torched on Thursday, La Voix du Nord reported. So too was the camera in Bergerac, Sud Ouest noted. On Wednesday, the speed camera on the D621 in Lambres-lez-Douai was torched, according to La Voix du Nord. On the same day, the Clermont-Ferrand speed camera was destroyed by fire, La Montagne noted. L'Est Republicain reported that the speed camear on the RN1019 in Bourogne was destroyed by fire. The same fate awaited the camera on the D32 in Asse-le-Beranger, as Ouest France explained. In Crecy-sur-Serre, the speed camera on the D967 was torched with a burning tire on Tuesday, L'Union explained. Also on Tuesday, the automated ticketing machine on the RN19 in Colombe-les-Vesoul was taken out by burning tires, according to L'Est Republicain. The camera on the D724 in Pruniers-en-Sologne was burned last week Monday, La Nouvelle Republique reported. The day before, a trio of speed cameras on the RD30 and A13 in Poissy and on the A13 in Guerville were set on fire, 78 Actu noted. Around the same time, a tire was used to torch the speed camera on the RD917 in Annay, according to La Voix du Nord.

In Warrington, England, vigilantes on Sunday set fire to the speed camera on Glazebury Mill Close in the village of Glazebury, according to the Warrington Guardian.

In Senigallia, Italy, vigilantes upended the speed camera on the Strada della Chiusa and converted the camera housing into a trash can, Corriere Adriatico reported.

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