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France, South Africa: Speed Cameras Taken Out
Speed cameras in France and South Africa were once again disabled in a number of creative ways last week.

Decorated French speed camera
In Lacanau, France, last week, vigilantes decorated the speed camera on the D6 for Halloween, covering it with a black tarp, placing a Jack O'Lantern on top and a witch's broom on the side, Sud Ouest reported. That set the stage for a rise in the number of non-destructive methods used to prevent the cameras from issuing tickets. In Rouen, France Bleu counted four cameras that were stopped when opponents tied bright yellow vests over the camera lenses on the Sud 3, A150 and A151. One of the cameras was decorated with a Homer Simpson head placed atop the body of the vest. Another camera was covered in Voutre on Tuesday, in Saint-Leu over the previous weekend, and in Fontaine-Saint-Lucien. In Coudekerque-Branche on Saturday, duct tape was wrapped around the speed camera on the A16 to prevent it from being able to issue tickets, Le Phare Dunkerquois reported.

More destructive acts took place Wednesday, as the speed cameras on the D2009 in Chambaron-sur-Morge and Aubiat. Pieces of wood placed under the automated ticketing machines were used to fuel an intense fire, La Montagne reported. The speed camera on the RN88 in Lapanouse had been completely burned on October 27, according to Centre Presse Aveyron. In the South American French department of French Guiana, the speed camera on the N2 near Cayenne was torched on November 5, France Guyane reported.

On Saturday, L'Est Republicain revealed that the speed camera on the A31 in Champigneulles was spraypainted pink. Red paint was used in Fougeres, according to La Chronique Republicaine. The same shade adorned a trio of speed cameras in Bethune, Contact FM noted. Gray paint blinded the speed camera on the RD917 in Arras and blue paint covered the camera on the RD950 in Fresnes on Friday, L'Avenir de l'Artois explained. The camera on the D1017 in Eterpigny was blacked out on November 5.

In Emalahleni Local Municipality, South Africa, vigilantes last week covered a speed camera with a trash bag.

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