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France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Trashed
Speed cameras were blinded by spraypaint, burned and covered by garbage bins throughout Europe last week.

Trash canned speed camera
Vigilantes in West Yorkshire, England, set fire to a speed camera on Tuesday. According to police, the device on Thornton Road was completely destroyed in the blaze.

In Cavaillon, France, photo ticketing opponents thwarted a speed camera by covering it with a large trash can, La Provence reported. Sud Ouest found bright red paint was used to blind the speed camera located near Carcans. A trio of Haute-Loire cameras were also painted. According to Le Progres, black paint was used on the RD590 at Ceyssac and on the RD103 camera in Chaspinhac last week Saturday, but white paint blinded the Saint Vincent camera on the RD103. On Wednesday, the speed camera on the RD44 in Sainte-Sigolene that had just been attacked the previous week was doused from top to bottom in purple paint, the same publication observed.

In Crevacuore, Italy, vigilantes last week Monday ripped the speed camera out of its concrete mounting point and left it hanging at an angle. La Provincia di Biella noted the evidence suggests the device was deliberately pulled down, not knocked over accidentally. In Susa, red spraypaint was used to blind the speed camera on the SS25 near Frazione San Giuliano.

"This is the umpteenth act of vandalism," mayor Sandro Plano told Valsusa Oggi.

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