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Belarus, Ecuador, France, Italy, South Africa: Speed Cameras Blinded
Speed cameras across multiple continents were tarred and feathered, burned or spraypainted.

South African speed camera burned
Vigilantes in Mpumalanga, South Africa used screwdrivers on Wednesday to pry open the speed camera on the R40. The device, which had just been installed at that location two weeks previously, had already issued 17,541 automated tickets, according to Jacaranda FM.

In Latina, Italy, rats took out the speed camera on the Via Litoranea. The private company that runs the automated ticketing machine removed it to deal with damage from the rodent infestation, Latina Corriere reported.

On Thursday, the speed camera in Volnay, France, was tarred and feathered, L'Est Republicain reported. The same method was used to disable the speed camera in nearby Meursault. In Marlieux, the speed camera on the RD1083 was completely burned with a homemade torch on Sunday, bringing the total number of attacks in the Ain department to 74, by the figures in Le Progres. On Tuesday, the speed camera on the D936 in Jasseron was ripped apart, the same publication noted. It also found the automated ticketing machine on the RN5 in Champagnole burned last week Sunday.

After just having been covered in black paint the previous week, the speed camera on the D1083 in Gevingey was painted white on Sunday, according to Echos du Jura. On Tuesday, silver paint was applied to the speed camera on the RD44 in Sainte-Sigolene to thwart ticketing operations, according to Le Progres. On the previous week, green and red paint blinded the speed camera in La Fleche. This camera has been attacked multiple times, Le Maine Libre observed.

Vigilantes in Cuenca, Ecuador, cut down a speed camera on Tuesday. The automated ticketing machine that had been issuing tickets at the 7km marker on the E35 highway between Cuenca and Azogues has gone missing, leaving only the stump of the pole on which it had been mounted. Two more cameras had been grabbed in March and April. When the traffic chief Edison Moscoso announced the incident on Twitter, his messages received 27 likes.

A 27-year-old man destroyed a speed camera in Vitsebsk, Belarus, on October 12. According to Belsat, the man tied a rope to his car and ripped it from its mounting, smashing the housing.

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