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France, Italy, Sweden: Speed Cameras Blinded
Vigilantes across Europe continued last week to sabotage speed cameras.

Green painted speed camera in France
Vigilantes across France continue to strike back against the use of automated ticketing machines. In the Allier department, thirty-one speed cameras are used to generate 50,000 tickets annually. Since January, however, vigilantes have attacked the devices 47 times, RJFM reported. On Saturday, vigilantes in Maurepas burned the speed camera on the D13, one of the many recent attacks in the Yvelines department noted by Le Parisien. The speed camera on the RD12 in Grosmagny also was destroyed by fire last week Sunday, according to L'Est Republicain.

Green paint was used on Saturday to keep the frequently attacked speed camera on the RN88 in Yssingeaux from issuing tickets, according to Le Progres. Yellow paint took out the camera in Oudan on Thursday, Le Journal du Centre reported. A stroke of blue paint disabled the speed camera on the D105 in Raucoules on Tuesday, La Commere 43 noted. Bright green spraypaint was used to blind the speed camera on the D928 in Hallines for the third time in a week, according to La Voix du Nord. In Yvelines, vigilantes took out four speed cameras with spraypaint last week Saturday, 78 Actu noted. Orange paint blinded the devices on the D190 in Juziers, the D154 in Les Mureaux, the A13 in Orgeval and the D983 at Mantes-la-Jolie. Three other cameras were taken out earlier in the month.

Over in Ronco Biellese, Italy, vigilantes took out a newly installed speed camera. From the account given by Quotidiano Piemontese on Thursday, the device was sawed off at its base and taken away.

Vigilantes in Sweden cut down a speed camera earlier this month. According to, Karlskoga Kurrien, the device that had been issuing tickets on the road between Degerfors and Karlskoga was cut out of its mounting point and taken away. Police have no idea who might be responsible.

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