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France, Italy: More Speed Cameras Tagged
Vigilantes continued their relentless campaign against speed cameras in France while devices in Italy were sliced and smashed.

Sliced Italian speed camera
Attacks on French speed cameras have skyrocketed in the Haute-Vienne department. According to France Bleu, thirty-one automated ticketing machines have been disabled since January -- compared to just twelve that were disabled in all of 2017. The most recent incident saw beige paint added to the camera on the RN147.

In Saisy, vigilantes disabled the speed camera on the D973 by slapping four wide pieces of tape reading "promo" across the device's lens, Le Journal de Saone et Loire reported. Green paint was used in Camiers to take out the camera on the RD940, according to La Voix du Nord. Black paint took out the mobile speed camera on the RD667 near Eguelshardt on Friday, Le Republicain Lorrain reported. Black paint also blinded the speed camera on the RD586 in Saint-Beauzire last week Sunday, according to Le Progres. That day was a "Good Sunday" according to the message spraypainted with a smiley face on the cardboard box draped over the speed camera on the RD 952 in Les Bordes, La Republique du Centre reported. A total of four speed cameras in the Gard department were taken out of service that weekend. According to La Gazette de Nimes, the automated ticketing machine in Ribaute-les-Taverne was burned to a crisp while paint took care of the devices on the on the D6086 in Castillon, the D6113 in Fourques and in St-Laurent-d'Aigouze.

More serious measures were used on speed cameras elsewhere. La Commere 43 reported that the device on the RN102 in Saint-Georges-d'Aurec was torched on Sunday, marking the third time it has been set on fire since 2016. According to Le Republicain Lot-et-Garonne, fire stopped the speed camera on the RD202 in Bourlens on Tuesday. The next day, the speed camera on the RD155 in Saint Malo burned, Ouest France noted. On the same day, gunfire blasted the automated ticketing machine on the RN21 in Sainte-Christie, according to La Depeche.

Vigilantes in Montauro, Italy, sawed a speed camera in half, Gazzetta di Parma reported. In Modena, vigilantes last week Monday cut the power cables to the speed camera on the SS9 Tangenziale Carducci. According to Emilia Romagna News. In Faenza, Ravenna Web TV noted on Friday that the speed camera on the Via Renaccio remains out of service after vigilantes smashed the camera lens weeks ago.

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