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France, Italy: More Speed Cameras Out Of Service
Widespread attacks on French speed cameras intensified last week, and a fake Italian speed camera causes a fatal motorcycle accident.

Patriotic French speed camera August 2018
Vigilantes in Conches-en-Ouche, France, blinded the speed camera on the D51 with black spraypaint on Saturday, Paris Normandie reported. In Saint-Germain, red paint was used to keep the speed camera from issuing tickets on Friday, according to L'Est Republicain. A lighter shade of red was used on the speed camera located on the RD8043 in Pouru-Saint-Remy, L'Ardennais reported.

Another speed camera in Chenedolle was disabled last week Monday. According to La Voix le Bocage, the automated ticketing machine on the RD924 was covered in bright green spraypaint. On the previous day, the mobile speed camera on the RD924 in Tinchebray was taken out, L'Orne Combattante reported. Around the same time, the speed camera on the RD579 in Ouilly-le-Vicomte was covered in white paint, according to L'Éveil de Lisieux. In Berd'huis the speed camera on the D955 was covered in trash bags on Friday, Le Perche reported.

According to Zoom Dici, all four of the speed cameras on the road from Puy-en-Velay to Brioude on the RD590 were covered in white, orange, green or blue spraypaint. Orange was the color of choice Tuesday for the mobile speed camera that had been parked on the D1001 in Oresmaux, Courrier Picard reported, bringing the total number of cameras attacked in the Somme region this year to 25. According to France Bleu, the speed camera on the D840 in Conches en Ouche was burned. On Tuesday, pink spraypaint took out the speed camera on the road to the airport near Saint Tropez, Var-matin reported. The same day, the speed camera near Nogent-le-Rotrou was spraypainted, according to L'Action Républicaine. A patriotic vigilante covered the photo radar unit on the RD977 in Cheveuges with blue, white and red paint, Radio 8 FM reported. According to L'Est Republicain, the camera on the RD1083 in Jura was once again spraypainted on Wednesday. For the seventh time since it was installed last year, the automated ticketing machine in Lorient was blinded with gold paint on Thursday, Le Telegramme reported.

Vigilantes in Sardinia, Italy, thwarted the speed camera on State Road 387 by grabbing the warning signs that are required for the photo ticket to be valid, L'Unione Sarda reported. In Auronzo di Cadore on Saturday, a fake speed camera caused a fatal accident. Local business owner Ottorinoi Zandegiacomo wanted to "slow down" traffic on regional road 48 by painting a trash can to look like a speed camera. The plan failed to increase safety when BMW GS1200 motorcycle rider Matteo Contadin hit the brakes to avoid receiving a ticket. That caught the rider of the Ducati Multistrada following behind by surprise. The Ducati hit the BMW, causing Contadin to lose control and crash. He died from his injuries, according to Il Mattino di Padova.

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