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France: Speed Camera Attacks Quadruple
Decision to lower speed limit in France triggers a quadrupling in the number of speed camera attacks last month.

French speed camera tagged
The French government's decision to lower the speed limit on departmental roads to 80km/h (50 MPH) last month has more than doubled the number of photo tickets issued compared to July 2017. According to Europe 1, this move has come at the cost of a quadrupling in the number of automated ticketing machines that have been spraypainted, set on fire or otherwise disabled. A total of 400 cameras were taken out of service last month.

In Antully, bright yellow paint disabled the speed camera on the D680 on Wednesday, Le Journal de Saone Et Loire reported. Black spaypaint blinded the speed camera on the D105 in Raucoules on Tuesday, La Commere 43 reported. Red paint was used on the camera on the RN88 in Saint-Paul-de-Tartas, and the camera on the D589 in Saint-Christophe-sur-Dolaizon was painted white. According to L'Est Republicain, white and black paint took out the camera on the D657 in Pont-a-Mousson on Saturday. In Foucherans, the frequently attacked camera on the RD905 was painted orange last week Monday. The initials JUL were scrawled on the side, Le Progres reported. Around the same time, black and red paint was used on the automated ticketing machine in Saint-Andre-de-Messei. According to L'Orne Combattante, this was the fourth time the device has been disabled in the last three months. Orange was used on the camera on the RD1120 in Saint-Jal on July 26, La Montagne reported.

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