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France, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Disturbed
Dozens of additional speed cameras last week fell victim to vigilante attacks in Saudi Arabia, France and Italy.

Purple painted speed camera
In Asir, Saudi Arabia, a man pulled up to a speed camera in a Toyota Hilux pickup truck, got out, and pulled the device out of its mounting last week Monday. After turning the camera away from the road, the man did a dance on his way back to his truck. According to An7a, a suspect has been arrested (view video of incident).

In Jura, France, Auto News wondered whether a "serial killer" has been unleashed against automated ticketing machine. The publication noted that since the beginning of the year, 48 speed cameras have been damaged or destroyed -- a forty percent increase from the previous year. Near Bessamorel, red paint and the initials MDC covered the speed camera on the RN88 last week Sunday, La Commere 43 reported. The speed camera on the RD935 in Vic-en-Bigorre was spraypainted and adorned with a plastic chair, according to La Depeche. Red paint and the initials "JUL" were used in Foucherans to take out the camera on the RD905, Le Progres reported. The same color was used on the speed camera on the RD318 in Saint-Pierre-De-Chandieu. According to Le Progres, this is the fifteenth time this particular device has been attacked. The initials JM in black paint adorned the speed camera on the VR52 in Marange on Saturday, Le Republicain Lorrain reported. Purple was used on Sunday on the RN19 in Neuvelle-les-Scey, according to Vosges Matin. On the D396 in Bayel, orange spraypaint was used to ensure the speed camera could not issue any tickets in the newly lowered 80km/h speed zone, L'Est Eclair reported. The frequently attacked speed camera on the RN17 in Vimy was once again taken out of service, according to L'Avenir de l'Artois. White was used to take out the speed camera on the RD8051 in Fepin last week Friday, L'Ardennais reported.

In Ferentino, Italy, vigilantes on Tuesday ripped apart the electronics of a pair of speed caemras on the highway between Sora and Ferentino, Ciociaria Oggi reported. In Pozzuolo, the automated ticketing machine had only been installed for a few days before vigilantes knocked the orange "Velo OK" speed camera off its mounting point on the Via Buonarroti, according to La Martesana. A similar fate befell the speed camera on the Via Pavesi in Pavia on Thursday. A man was recorded pulling and shaking a speed camera housing until its mounting broke loose, Corriere della Sera reported.

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