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Rhode Island, France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Painted
Spraypaint and shopping carts were effective last week is thwarting the use of automated ticketing machines.

Saudi speed camera blocked
In Saudi Arabia, vigilantes on Thursday pried open the speed camera housing on the road between Mahayel Bahr and Abu Sakina, preventing the device from issuing tickets, SABQ reported. The camera had just been installed a day earlier.

In Providence, Rhode Island, a man and an accomplice grabbed the speed camera in front of the Rite Aid at Branch Avenue and Charles Street and made off with it in a shopping cart in broad daylight. According to the Providence Journal, police have accused Andrew Baker, 57, of taking the camera.

In Montracool, France, vigilantes on Saturday used white spraypaint to disable the speed camera on the RD936, Le Progres reported. Orange paint was used to disable the mobile speed camera on the D21 in La Veuve on Friday, L'Union reported. A pair of speed cameras in Haute-Saone were spraypainted yellow last week Monday, according to L'Est Republicain. The same publication reported the use of silver paint to take out a speed camera in Roppe. Red was the color of choice in La Feuille on Saturday, according to Le Telegramme.

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