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France, Italy, Russia, UK: Paint, Fire, Steel Disable Speed Cameras
Vigilantes around the globe last week took out multiple speed cameras with spraypaint and fire.

Protesting 80km/h
In Ravenna, Italy, vigilantes used black spraypaint to blind the automated ticketing machine on the Via Baiona last week Monday, according to Il Resto del Carlino. In South Derbyshire, England, vigilantes used burning tires to incinerate the speed camera on the A444 Woodland Road on Thursday, the Derby Telegraph reported. In Voronezh, Russia, a man grabbed a tire iron out of his trunk and bashed the mobile speed speed camera that had been issuing automated tickets on Verkhniy Karachan. According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, a thirty-year-old man has been charged with vandalism.

In Jura, France, vigilantes upset with the recent reduction in speed limit to 80km/h (50 MPH) had taken out five speed cameras by Friday. According to Voix du Jura, white and red spraypaint covered the devices, and one camera had a protest poster signed by FFMC 15, a chapter of the French Federation of Angry Motorcyclists. Green spraypaint took out the speed camera on the RD943 in Bayenghem-les-Eperlecques last week Sunday, La Voix du Nord reported. A speed camera on the RN77 in Saint-Germain was blocked last week by a protest sign explaining that the road was for sale soon as a toll road, according to L'Est Eclair. So far this year, sixteen automated ticketing machines have been taken out of service in Haute-Loire, according to Le Progres. Each spraypainting incident costs the state 600 euros (US $700), plus the lost profit from an idle camera. The department has issued 18,618 automated tickets since January.

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