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France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, UK: Speed Cameras Swiped, Sprayed
Attacks on automated ticketing machines were on the rise in Europe last week.

Blocked speed camera
Vigilantes in Leibstadt, Switzerland, swiped a mobile speed camera from right under he nose of the police officer "operating" the fully automated device on Rheintalstrasse last week. According to Aargauer Zeitung, the police vehicle was set back, hidden from approaching traffic which also obstructed the officer's view of the camera.

A busybody in Mechernich, Germany, who set up a fake speed camera in his front yard received a rude surprise Tuesday as his homemade device was blown to bits at 10:20pm, the Kolner Express reported.

Last week Sunday, the driver of a Honda Civic thwarted the speed camera on the A470 in Trawsfynydd, Wales, by opening the trunk and blocking its ability to issue automated citations. According to the Daily Post, local police got revenge on the man by issuing him a ticket for "defective tires." In the village of Mellor Brook, England, the highly profitable speed camera on Preston New Road was spun around backwards last week, the Lancashire Telegraph reported. In Ulverston, a man became a local hero on social media when a photo of him holding an umbrella to block the mobile speed camera on Priory Road made the rounds on Facebook Wednesday, according to the Northwest Evening Mail.

White and black spraypaint took out the speed camera in Le Clion sur Mer, France, with "80" tagged on the back in protest of the country's recent decision to lower speed limits, Le Courrier du Pays de Retz reported. Black spraypaint stopped the speed camera on the RD977 in Cheveuges from issuing tickets, according to Radio 8 Ardennes. Black spraypaint also took out the speed camera on the RN31 in Muizon on Thursday, L'Union reported. Red was the color of choice in Garlan, where the automated ticketing machine remains out of service according to Le Telegramme. The speed camera on the RD 1017 in Tilloloy was completely burned, Courrier Picard reported. In Nantua, the speed camera on the RD984 that had its lens smashed at the beginning on the month remains covered in a plastic bag, according to Le Progres.

Vigilantes in Vallecrosia, Italy, are continuing their series of attacks on the orange "Velo OK" speed cameras. Last week, the third camera was torn out and flipped upside down, according to La Riviera.

In Przasnysz, Poland, vigilantes disabled the speed camera on the national road 57 on May 10. Ciechanow Inaczej reported that he device was bent, causing 14,000 zlotys (US $3900) in damage.

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