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France, Gemany, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Painted, Pummelled
Dozens of speed cameras across Europe were taken out of service last week.

French spraypainted speed camera
A trio of speed cameras were disabled with blue spraypaint in Jura, France last week. Voix du Jura reported that the devices were located on the RD1083 in Beaufort and Gevingey and on the D905 in Foucherans. Each camera had the initials ZAD added in yellow paint, in addition to an anarchy symbol and a smiley face. On the previous week, the camera on the D52 in Presilly was painted pink. Four cameras were taken out in C'ote D'or. In Dijon, vigilantes smashed the lens of the speed camera on Friday, according to France Bleu. In Chalon-sur-Saone, blue paint took out the automated ticketing machine on the RD974, while yellow paint was used on the cameras in Longeault and Soirans, Le Bien Public reported.

In Limoges, the speed camera on the RN520 was painted silver on Wednesday, with the words "STOP" and "RIP" added to the front of the device, according to France 3. Green paint covered the speed camera on the D500 in Saint-Just-Malmont on Saturday, La Commere 43 reported. The same color adorned the speed camera on the RN88 in Saint-Chamond, according to Le Progres.

In Albese Con Cassano, Italy, white spraypaint took out the "Velo OK" brand speed camera on the Via Montorfano last week, Giornale di Como reported. On Tuesday, black spraypaint took out the speed camera on the Via Sampieri in Piove di Sacco, according to Padova Oggi. In Rimini, several speed cameras on the Via Euterpe and were sliced open and on the Via Tolemaide were spraypainted last week, Telero Magna reported.

Police in Pfaffenhofen, Germany reported the twenty-year-old driver of a BMW 5-series sedan passed by a mobile speed camera trap. While the operator of the automated ticketing machine was not paying attention, the man swiped the camera and ran off with it under his arm. The local employee was not able to catch the man, who smashed the camera equipment a few hundred yards away.

Vigilantes burned the speed camera in the A90 in Fraserberg, Scotland last week Sunday. According to the Press and Journal, the scorched device's internals survived the attack.

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