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Rhode Island, France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Out Of Action
Speed cameras took a beating last week in both the United States and Europe.

Umbrella man
Vigilantes struck the speed cameras in Providence, Rhode Island last week Sunday. Black spraypaint was used to keep the cameras on Charles Street and Thurber Avenue from issuing citations, but, according to the Stop Elorza's Cash Cams group, a team was sent out first thing Monday morning last week to restore the automated ticketing machines.

The group Idiot UK Drivers Exposed last week released footage of a man stopping a bright yellow speed camera van from issuing tickets by casually holding an umbrella in front of the camera lens (view video on Facebook). On Friday, tires were used to burn the speed camera on Wexham Road in Slough, according to the Slough Express.

In Chessy, France, the speed camera on the D385 had its lens painted over with black spraypaint, Le Patriote reported. White spraypaint was used on the RD680 camera in Marmagne on Wednesday, according to Creusot Infos. On the same day, the speed camera on the RD424 in Selestat was completely destroyed, Dernieres Nouvelles D'Alsace reported. Green paint was scribbled over the lens of the speed camera on the RN57 in La Cluse-et-Mijoux last week Wednesday, according to L'Est Republicain. Red spraypaint was used on a camera in Fougerolles, the same publication reported.

In Genoa, Italy, vigilantes uprooted a "Velo OK" brand speed camera and hurled it down an embankment, Genova 24 reported.

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