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Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UK: Speed Cameras Thwarted
Resistance against the use of speed cameras continues to spread worldwide.

Smiley sprayinted camera
An Australian comedian posted a video gone viral of a speed camera foiled by a towel. The video released on Instagram and Facebook last week Monday showed "Demerit Man" approach a mobile speed camera car in Tamworth, New South Wales. Wearing shorts, a tank top and a "photo-proof beer box hat," the man quickly attached the towel to the back of the photo radar van, rendering it incapable of issuing tickets.

In France, vigilantes won a major victory as a court in Mont-de-Marsan ruled that covering a speed camera in garbage bags did not constitute criminal damage. Lionel Candelon, leader of the group Angry Ducks, was acquitted of all charges related to his disabling of a pair of speed cameras on March 20, Sud Ouest reported. In total, his group has taken 30 automated ticketing machines out of service. On the D973 in Saint-Aubin-des-Preaux, vigilantes spraypainted the speed camera on Thursday, according to Ouest France. On Tuesday, the speed camera in Orthoux-Serignac-Quilhan and in Aigremont were destroyed by fire, France 3 reported. Nearly 800 motorcyclists attended a rally in Nantes last week Saturday to protest the lowering of the speed limit, according to MotoMag. Participants covered two speed cameras on the D723 during the event. In Sommepy-Tahure last week Sunday, the speed camera on the D977 was decorated with a devilish smiley face made with green spraypaint, L'Union reported. On Wednesday, the speed camera on the RD948 in Saint-Christophe-du-Ligneron was painted white, according to Le Courrier Vendeen. Around the same time, a tire was used to burn the speed camera on the D978 near Tamnay-en-Bazois, Le Journal du Centre reported. In Aubencheul-au-Bac on Thusday, a speed camera was wrapped in protest posters, according to La Voix du Nord. The speed camera in La Feuillee was spraypainted red last week Saturday, Le Telegramme reported.

In Modena, Italy, black spraypaint was used to defeat the speed camera on the Via Nonantolana, according to Gazzetta di Modena.

In Al-Madaa, Saudi Arabia vigilantes shot a speed camera on Wednesday, leaving bullet holes all around the device's housing, Al Wasat reported.

In Exmouth, England, vigilantes used black spraypaint to take out the speed camera on the A376 Exeter Road, according to the Exmouth Journal.

Vigilantes in Japan set fire to a speed camera in Saitama Prefecture earlier this month. The Orbis brand automated ticketing machine had been issuing tickets on National Highway 43, Motor Fan reported.

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