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France, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Eliminated
Vigilantes burned, blew up and painted speed cameras in Saudi Arabia, France and Italy last week.

Blown away speed camera
In Al Lith, Saudi Arabia, a "Saher" speed camera was involved in a collision with a white Toyota Camry last week Sunday. According to SABQ, the automated ticketing machine failed to prevent the accident on the road between Jazan and Jeddah.

In Imola, Italy, vigilantes blew apart two speed cameras on Sunday. Il Resto del Carlino reported that workers were seen at the roadside picking up the remaining shards of the bright orange "Velo OK" speed camera housings.

Vigilantes in Mantes-la-Ville, France set fire to the speed camera on the D983 on Sunday, Le Parisien reported. In Ancteville, the speed camera on the RD2 was covered in white paint on January 27, according to Ouest France. Orange was the color of choice for the speed camera on the RD1075 in Saint-Martin-Du-Mont, Le Progres reported. In Suaux, beige paint was used on Wednesday, according to Charente Libre. The camera in Thouars was painted a bright green for the second time, La Nouvelle Republique reported.

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