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Belgium, China, France, UK: Speed Cameras Thwarted
Vigilantes across the globe used a number of methods last week to display their displeasure with automated ticketing machines.

Batman speed camera
The speed camera on Stafford Road in Wolverhampton, England was set on fire last week. According to the Express and Star newspaper, the device was not in use at the time of the attack. In South Yorkshire, a man filmed himself using his car to block a speed camera from issuing tickets (view video on YouTube). After a brief confrontation, the driver of the camera van left. Australian motorists coordinate similar efforts on the Speed Camera Crusaders Facebook page.

In China's Jiangsu Province, a truck driver pulled over to spraypaint a speed camera, London's Daily Mail reported.

In Gers, France, vigilantes last week covered in black the speed camera on the RN21 in Sauveterre, painting in the face and logo of Batman, La Depeche reported. According to Le Parisien, the speed camera in Trie-Chateau was spraypainted blue at 9pm on Friday. Likewise, the speed camera on the RD939 in Berles-Monchel was spraypainted last week Monday, La Voix du Nord reported.

In Sambreville, Belgium, the speed camera on the Avenue du President Roosevelt was spraypainted white, according to La Capitale.

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