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Australia, France: Speed Cameras Does A Wheelie
Australian speed camera van crashes in a ditch while vigilantes decorate speed cameras for Christmas.

Perth, Australia speed camera
On Saturday, a speed camera van near Perth, Western Australia, became stuck in a ditch while attempting to hide behind bushes off road. The Revenue Raisers Facebook group photographed the white Toyota Hilux with its front wheel in the air on Baldivis Road in Baldivis.

On Christmas Eve, vigilantes in Saint-Chamond, France, spraypainted the speed camera on the A47 to look like a red package with a white bow. According to Le Progres, the same camera was painted green shortly after it was installed. In Vihiers, vigilantes covered the lens on the camera on the D960 with yellow spraypaint, Le Courrier de l'Ouest reported. In Terrenoire, red and black paint was added to the automated ticketing machine on the RN88. According to Le Progres, this is the third attack on the device since September.

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