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France, Germany, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Disabled
A tractor took out six speed cameras in Germany while spraypaint, fire and hammers prevent ticketing in France, Italy and Scotland.

Speed camera tractor attack
A 63-year-old man used a red tractor on Tuesday to knock over six speed cameras in Gernsheim, Germany. According to Sudhessen police, after the automated ticketing machines on Heidelberger Strasse, Mainzer Strasse, Wormser Strasse and Mannheimer Strasse were demolished, officers followed the tractor's tracks and arrested the man thought to be responsible. He passed an alcohol screening blood test and was released. Damages are estimated near 600,000 euros (US $700,000).

A speed camera in Glasgow, Scotland was smashed last week. A spokesman for the Scottish government's speed camera operation refused to disclose its exact location.

In Treviso, Italy, vigilantes on Saturday smashed the speed camera on the Via Kennedy, which happens to be one of the area's most profitable automated ticketing machines. According to Il Gazzettino, it issued 350 tickets per day before being destroyed.

In Goudelin, France, vigilantes covered the lens of a speed camera with black spraypaint on Thursday, Ouest France reported. The same device had been disabled earlier this month. In Dole, pink spraypaint took out the automated ticketing machine on the D905 on Friday. According to Le Progres, the same camera had been burned in 2008.

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