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France, Latvia: Speed Cameras Flipped, Scorched, Sprayed
Vigilantes last week took out speed cameras across Europe with fire, levers and several cans of spraypaint.

Tilted speed camera
In Ozolnieki, Latvia on Wednesday, vigilantes used burning tires to take out one of the first speed cameras ever installed in the country. According to Latvijas Sabiedriskie Mediji, two other cameras have been similarly torched -- one in Jaunmarupe in April and another in Jurmala in June.

In Cherveix-Cubas, France, vigilantes on Saturday flipped the large housing of the mobile speed camera on the RD74 so that its lenses pointed straight into the ground, France Bleu reported. In Vic-sous-Thil, local officials covered the speed camera on the RD980 in with black plastic because it is unable to issue tickets. According to Le Bien Public, the device had been bent downward. In Terrenoire, vigilantes painted a happy face on a freeway speed camera so that it would not be able to issue tickets, Le Progres reported. According to the same publication, brown spraypaint had disabled the speed camera in Vazeilles-Limandre a few days prior. In Etoile-sur-Rhone, black spraypaint kept the speed camera on the D111 from issuing tickets on last week Monday, Le Dauphine reported.

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