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France, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Sabotaged
Speed cameras throughout the world were spraypainted and swiped last week.

Speed camera pulled down
In Riedseltz, France vigilantes on Friday disabled the speed camera on the RD263 by painting its lenses black. According to Dernieres Nouvelles D'Alsace, this is the third such attack on the device this year. In Morbihan, twenty-nine speed cameras have been disabled since January, Ouest France reported. The most recent incident took place on the RD775 in La Vraie-Croix where the camera was painted black last week Monday, according to the same publication.

In Siena, Italy, vigilantes on Wednesday shot the speed camera on the SR2, La Nazione reported. The next day in Codropio, vigilantes also swiped the speed camera on the SS13 Pontebbana, Il Gazzettino. On September 3 in Asso, a group of three young men and one female knocked over the "Velo OK" speed camera, kicking it into the road on the SP41, according to La Provincia di Como.

In Taif, Saudi Arabia, a speed camera was tied to the back of a pickup truck and ripped out of the ground last week. The incident was captured on video (view on YouTube).

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