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Ecuador, France, Saudi Arabia, Sweden: Speed Cameras Disabled, Protested
Massive protests and spraypaint were used to show displeasure with automated enforcement around the world last week.

Wrapped speed camera
Speed cameras in in the Bitche region of France are being disabled with red and green spraypaint, Radio Melodie reported. In Verron, vigilantes disabled the speed camera on the road to Sable. According to Le Maine Libre, the device was still wrapped in plastic and unusable last week.

In Gotland, Sweden, local officials are upset that when they leave a mobile automated ticketing machine on the side of the road, people come along and kick the warning signs down. Tickets may not only be issued when the signs are in place, Hela Gotland reported.

The streets of Ambato, Ecuador were filled with taxi drivers protesting against photo radar on Monday, La Hora reported. Thousands showed up to march along Avenida Cevallos waving banners and signs.

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