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France, Latvia: Speed Camera Blacked Out, Burned Out
Vigilantes used fire and paint to keep speed cameras in check in France and Latvia last week.

Berles-Monchel, France speed camera
On Saturday, vigilantes in Berles-Monchel, France disabled the speed camera on the RD939 by spraying its lenses with fluorescent green paint La Voix du Nord reported. Just two days after the automated ticketing machine on the RN2 was set up, vigilantes took it out of service. According to L'Union, red spraypaint was used on Thursday. A second camera on the RD1044 in Juvincourt was also spraypainted. In Crest, the speed camera on the D538 had its lenses painted black last week Sunday, Le Dauphine reported.

In Ventspils, Latvia, vigilantes last month set fire to a speed camera. According to Skaties, old tires were used to fuel a blaze that destroyed the device mounted on a 12-foot-high pole.

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